How often are new designs released?
The ongoing plan is to release 1 new design per month, based on user feedback. At special times, we may decide to release designs in sets!

Are the designs on the site always going to be for sale?
While the answer is ideally “yes”, we can’t guarantee that. You see, we work with designers from all over the world and these guys retain ownership of their designs. This means, if for any reason they decide to pull their design, we will only sell the current stock we hold and not issue reprints. That if you fickle bunch go off a design and we have to start giving it away, it’s not getting reprinted!

I have a great design, can I sell it on AFK Apparel?
Sure! We are always interested in hearing from designers with great new concepts. You can e-mail designs to [email protected] Ideally in PSD/AI/EPS format or very, very large high resolution PNG please!

Will the design I buy look identical to the photo on the site?
The garments in photos on the site are the “Large” size t-shirts. We only produce one screen print per design, which is used on all sizes of t-shirt from Small to XX-Large. This will mean that the exact ratio of the design size versus the t-shirt may be slightly different to the photo. Not happy? No problem, purchase without fear and use our 60 day returns policy if you’re not happy!

Do you make t-shirts for women?
Currently, we do not specifically sell t-shirts cut for women, sorry ladies! The t-shirts we sell are a traditional “unisex” cut and the X-Small/Small size will fit even the most petite of ladies. We do plan on printing t-shirts cut for women, if there is demand. So, if you’d like them, let us know!


The t-shirts seem rather randomly priced, why is this? How do you decide pricing?
Because we give 50% of our profit to charity but we maintain a competitive price, we have to be very careful when calculating prices on t-shirts. This means, unlike many stores, we don’t work out a margin and just “round up” so everything is priced the same.

Prices will vary on the factors of:

1) How many colours are used in the print

2) The popularity & how many we get printed in a single run

3) If there is a third party designer to pay

So as you can see, these different variables mean that there is a lot of variation in pricing.


Did you know we have a page dedicated to shipping information?
How will my items be packaged?
We package our t-shirts in 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable polybags.

How long are delivery times?
UK Delivery: Estimated next working day, including Saturday.
Western Europe: Estimated 3 days
Eastern Europe: Estimated 4 days
Outside of Europe: Estimated 5 days

How much does delivery cost?
UK Delivery: £1.99 (Royal Mail First Class)
Inside Europe: £3.50 (Royal Mail Airmail)
Outside Europe: £4.70 (Royal Mail Standard International)