Charity Support

50% of our entire profit goes to charity
AFK Apparel is probably a little different to most companies out there, in that we are not hell-bent on making as much money as possible. We give 50% of any profit the site makes to MacMillan Cancer Support.

Does this make my t-shirts more expensive?
No! We don’t add on any money, we take a standard margin and just split it.

I found a similar t-shirt on [insert site] and it was slightly cheaper
We could lower the cost of our t-shirt production, but we have made the decision to:

1) Use eco-friendly screen printers, which cost a little bit more, but are better for the environment.

2) We use high-grade 175g t-shirts so they wear better than cheaper, mass-produced t-shirts.

3) Our artists (many of whom are freelance) are paid a fair percentage for every t-shirt sold

4) We do not “add on” any money to our t-shirts, our 50% donation to charity is out of our pocket, not yours!

5) With the above in mind, you can class buying from AFK Apparel as your good deed for the day 🙂