Free GameMaker Space Invaders

Hey AFKers!

As many of you know, we have a keen interest in the gaming community, especially indie game developers. This week, AFK Apparel published a free and rather humble clone of Space Invaders on the Steam Workshop for those people who are using the rather excellent GameMaker: Studio.

No big deal! But we had a really nice reception with over 150 subscribers in the first couple of days and it moved onto become the most popular GameMaker Workshop content of the week. While we’re big fans of retro gaming, there’s obviously quite a few more of you out there! So we’ve decided to published our Space Invaders clone, for free on the web as well.

While there’s a bunch of Space Invaders clones already out there you can play through your browser, we found most of them to be crippled by adverts or trying to trick you into downloading adware just to play. So without further ado, please enjoy our humble ode to the original Space Invaders, which you can play in your browser.

Free GameMaker Space InvadersClick to play Space Invaders in your browser!

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