Apologies for “unsafe” warnings – don’t panic!

We’d to offer an apology for anybody who has attempted to purchase from AFK Apparel recently and had their browser give them a “site not safe” warning. One of our users was kind enough to alert us to the issue of our SSL certificate being expired for a short period of time. This means if you tried to go to the checkout, you would have got a message a bit like this:

We would like to assure all of our customers, visitors and fans that at no point was payment information at risk. All of our payments are handled off-site, via PayPal.com. We have a security certificate for the purposes of simply encrypting information that you provide us, such as your name, address and e-mail address. Although not vital and normally publicly available, we believe that since the technology is there, our customers deserve this level of effort with their privacy.

As usual, if you point out site bugs – we’ll always sort you out with some vouchers and or push more Haribo into your mouth!

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